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Pershing Resources Company, Inc. (PSGR) Message Board

$PSGR The stock that keeps on NOT-giving
Friday, May 25, 2018 08:14:11 pm
PSGR has remained a NOTHING PENNY STOCK for most of its 20 PLUS YEARS of existence. Recently (2018), Pershing Resources has made several announcements about expanding and developing its Arizona claims/ mine sites. Investors are cautioned to review past Pershing Resources Press Releases that also intimated that something 'good' was about to happen and 'soon'. One can only conjecture about the Pershing Resources definition of 'good' and 'soon' and how it relates to common shareholders who have seen NOTHING for 20+ years.
Gold is up but PSGR does not move. Why?
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 10:04:22 am
Pershing Resources Company Inc. has property(ies) in northen Nevada that they represent as areas that have had historical precious metal values. For the past several years the stock has not shown significant change in price (dollar value v. percentage change). The precious metals market has had dramatic value increases in gold & silver, yet the properties remain stagnant. Pershing established a Joint Venture with a Nevada company. Since January of 2011 investors have seen the stock value yo-yo between $0.05 and $0.15/share (currently at $0.08). Core sample drilling has been done along several lines on the property and were submitted at the beginning of 2011 for assay (ore precious metal percentage content). Typically, an assay can be completed within a week or two and the values released to the public. As of July 2011, no results have been published. The obvious public perceptions will vary but may include the following: 1) Poor assay results 2) Precious metal content in core sample high; subject to additional core drilling to confirm ore content values 3) Inadequate corporate funding to continue assay/drilling 4) Interest by larger corporation in mine properties There are several other possibilities but, in my opinion, the above four seem the most probable. What is needed to get this stock moving? I believe that monthly press releases from Pershing Corporate would assuage any fears that the company and properties are over-valued. IF precious metals can be identified on the properties AND the metals are in sufficient quantity (gram or ounces per ton) then this stock is incredibly under-valued. IF the properties do not have good ore values, then the stock price is (probably) equal to the value of the current stock price range.