I have owned this stock for 4 years and have yet to see it post a profit...This stock had so much potential - it had members of its Board that were ex Sysco managers - and it looked like a Sysco look alike...The stock was offered at circa $1.50 per share at the time of IPO...then it happened. The investment group which was handling the IPO went belly up and the market was flooded with shares driving the price in half then in quarter. Over the years the price waned to below .01/share and below as the company had an exodus of key players including the Sysco vets and they took with them a substantial part of the business taking away many of the brands the company had been marketing to investors as the product line it was going to actively market in the Mexican hotel and resort areas as Mexican import..In July 2010 the Company announced that its CEO Mr. Sandro Piancone was resigning his position to join the Board. I don't know if this company is some kind of a front or if it really is a business anymore....How can a company stay in business this long and not post a profit and continue to struggle with insufficient working capital?