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For nearly 20 years VirTra Systems has been an industry leader in the simulation and virtual reality marketplace. The company produces the best-in-class firearm simulators for both law enforcement and military customers throughout the world. VirTra is the higher standard in simulation: from exceptional customer service to unparalleled technology like 360 degree HD training platforms and the Threat-fire...

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VirTra Systems, Inc.
1406 W. 14th Street , Suite 101
United States

Phone: 480-968-1488


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State Of Incorporation:
Year Of Incorporation:
Number Of Employees: 26
Market Cap: 7376612.7
Year End:
Directors: Bob Ferris-CEO
Frank Stanley-Dir.
Don Andrus-President
Matt Burlend-Secretary
Jed Wallace-IR

VTSI Message Board:

dougjohnson wrote:
It appears that the MMs just don't have much interest in this stock trading so few shares at such...
5cap wrote:
In my experience any order of 10k and over shows up immediately at the bid. (i.e., if it's...
dougjohnson wrote:
I have had a buy order in at $0.0735 since about 10 AM today. It appeared to have been listed...

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Recent Promotions:

2,000,000 shares Nov 16, 2007
2,000,000 shares Nov 15, 2007
2,000,000 shares Nov 14, 2007
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Short Sales:

Date: Short Interest: %Change: Average Share Volume: Days to Cover:
Jun 30, 2010 2600 168.87% 170942 1
Jun 15, 2010 967 93.4% 318362 1
May 28, 2010 500 -86.33% 439391 1