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By Martin Tsvetkov
Feb 14, 2011

Solutions Group, Inc. (SOLU.PK) Run By a Guy Convicted of Stealing Intellectual Property

SOLU chart.pngTwo years ago, Sean O'Neil, CEO of Design Solutions, Inc., was sentenced to pay $425 thousand to a company named Advanced EDR Systems, LLC (AEDRS). According to the lawsuit filed by AEDRS, O'Neal had stolen trade secrets and proprietary information and had subsequently began using that information to compete against AEDRS. In an attempt to evade this legal obligation, DSI ceased operating under that name and began operating as Solutions Group, Inc. (SOLU.PK).

In brief, this story tells us how SOLU - the main character of today's story - came into existence. Despite all these accusations, O'Neal dos not seem worried at all. On the contrary, SOLU took advantage of the stolen trade secrets and released a final product on the market through iDrive, a Romanian-based subsdiary. In addition, last Friday the company was reported to have participated in a large-scale exposition in Florida.

Some of today's most successful enterprises once started as pink sheets. And there is nothing wrong with that. The current case, however, only shows that few companies are able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and SOLU will never be one of them, as long as it is run by people with bad reputation.

As far as penny stock investors are concerned, however, they only seem to care about the price fluctuations and volume movements of SOLU stock.

In connection therewith, Friday's session was pretty intensive as more than 1.6 million of SOLU stock changed hands, which indicates a five-fold increase over the previous session. If this surge continues in the future, O'Neal might actually be given a second chance to strike it lucky.

Sean O'Neil behaves as if he has already got away from the sticky situation of being a defendant. SOLU stock is being traded freely on the pink sheets. Will he manage to clean his reputation? Maybe yes, may be no. Will his company become the next multi-million dollar successful corporation? Hardly. 

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Article Comments:

Guest wrote: 2:11 am Sep 07, 2011
Sean O'Neil committed fraud against his customers on many occasions. He will always rob Peter and Paul to pay
Sean, therefore, he will always struggle because his foundation will perpetually crumble from under his
feet. His product does not work as advertised but he continues to sell the idrive. Many others have dea
lt with being scammed by Sean O'Neil. Some of his customers are complaining about fraud for showing that
a handful of units work ok but the product fails to operate properly under real world conditions and whe
n there are more than a few simultaneous downloads. His product has other issues as well and he blatantl
y lies to customers to get them to commit. His previous large customer (Freescale) investigated him to f
ind that he was committing fraud against Freescale and was involved in "Kickbacks" with a Freescale emplo
yee (including a trip to Amsterdam the two men and their wives). Freescale quickly fired Sean O'Neil and
the Freescale employee when this information was reveled in their investigation. He failed to pay his pr
evious employees money owed to them, Sean used the "decelerator" as a way to scam his investors by artifi
cially inflating the stock price with the acquisition even though he never had any intention on using the
technology or product and also never paid the inventor what he owed. Sean also screwed the IRS out of $
750K in employee taxes he took from employees but failed to pay to the IRS, and Sean screwed every suppli
er along the way out of $100's of thousands. More reputable camera manufacturers in the industry are now
upset with Sean O'Neil and his company because customers no longer have faith in reputable companies, ma
king it more difficult to do business. Sean O'Neil is a crook and a con artist that has screwed everyone
in his path. He has gotten away because he simply doesn't play by any rules. He will always run from h
is lawsuits and always try to scam the next person to keep
Guest wrote: 4:23 pm Nov 30, 2011
It seems that this guy is robbing and committing fraud in all the earth; he has debts with people in Mexico ev
en the mexican government. Some people think that Sean O┬┤neil has debts in Romania as well.
mbrayden674 wrote: 8:57 am Dec 01, 2011
You all are, may be, right. Even in the Q3 balance sheet the reported cash is MINUS $19K :))?!
Guest wrote: 8:04 am Sep 01, 2016
Yes, indeed has debs in Romania. He had a company named Auto Safety Solutions, then he opened another named Ro
ad Safety SRL. He dropped the former associate Stefan Dragomir and now it has a new loyal dog named Flori
n Pasol. Sean O'Neil hired his mistress Alexandra Pinzariu as Project Manager which was rebuked meanwhile
. The whole his business management looks like a bad s