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By Ekaterina Zelenkova
Sep 27, 2011

Fat Money Shot Up Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) Stock

POTG_price chart_260911_1.jpgYesterday, at the trading session opening Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) stock shot up 6.59%, continuing the promotional Ultimate Frisbee Contest.

At the end of the day, the share price dived down 0.49% from the previous close, though the stock promotion for fat money and the flying like Frisbees millions of freebies stock alerts on POTG.

To the delight of some, and unfortunately to the suffering of others, since the first day of the ongoing stock promotion the price of POTG plunged down 80.53%.

As opposed to the stock promotion in July, this time the golden promotional crocodile swallowed too speedily the shares' value.

Since last Wednesday, a “Stock Analyzer”, not presenting many details about the company and its perspectives, waked up holders of POTG from the afternoon nap. This has not been the only promoter who “passed” like colorful frisbees stock alerts on POTG.

Looks like the promotional “contest” on POTG strongly touched the string of the thoughtful investors' speculative mood. Last Thursday, the company's shares banged 87.61%, not running from the golden crocodile, but thanks to it. The promoter Capital Financial Media (CFM) has received and is managing a production budget of $1.2 million. The fat money has been paid for an online advertising effort and other related to the promotion of POTG services.

Though for a short time the stock promoters ensured  the nourishing of the company's stock, the company has been looking for $1.2 million to sustain this. Sadb, Inc. paid for POTG the aforementioned budget of the ongoing public awareness campaign.

Although at first sight Sadb, Inc. looks like  a third for Portage party, managers of POTG seemed to be also imbued with the promotion.

On Friday, the company made an update on its mining projects.

Unfortunately, the press release has no new for the investor facts, with the exception of the promises for future surveys and results. As seen on the price chart here, on the news and in unison with the stock promotion, the price of POTG returned back.

Yesterday, the company made the next attempt to attract investors. POTG announced its plans to acquire 55% of the Rocas #1 concession located in the Chiquian district, Department of Ancash. One of the preconditions of the acquisition is the minimum investment of $100 thousand or 800 meters drilling within two years of all permits and registry. It looks questionable how these plans may be realized. As of the end of this May, the company reported zero current assets and zero revenues.

Opposed to the disclosed information about the well paid stock promotion, the company has no disclosures related to funds raising up to now. Even more, the released recently agreement with Nilam Resources S.A. for the acquisition of the above mentioned properties is not yet filled in the company's SEC files.

However, only investors may determine today the scale of a new upward move of the company's stock, considering the golden crocodile, the flying like Frisbees stock alerts and the poor financial standing of Portage Resources Inc.

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