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By Ekaterina Zelenkova
Aug 24, 2011

Easylink Solutions Corp. (PINK:ESYL) Stock Is Still Sensitive to Orders

ESYL_price chart_230811.jpgDuring yesterday's trading session, Easylink Solutions Corp. (PINK:ESYL), (FRA:AOIN) demonstrated notable activity.

Suddenly, as opposed to the weak number of buy orders for the company's stock, a magical press release for an implemented order for delivery of MeBox - Nano media Player successfully pushed up the price of ESYL.

On the bottom tier of the OTC market, OTC Pink, the price of ESYL flew up by 7.2% between the trading sessions. Though the price soar, the trading volume has been six times less than the daily average for the company.

Still, this was one of best possible scenarios. The released by the company from the far Hong Kong exciting news about the received remaining $680K Dollar (hk) from the order has not been able to induce any match between the demand and the supply of the company's stock on the Frankfurt stock exchange. As seen, the last executed by XETRA order on AOIN has been done last Friday. The same day, the trading system recorded a turnover that was worth 0.18EUR.

At the end of June, Easylink Solutions Corp. did a release for the above mentioned order of the company's product. Thereon, ESYL closed the market at $1.07 per share, while yesterday the company's stock has been worth four and a half times less.

ESYL_from the site1.pngESYL pulled back dramatically within less than three months.

It looks like in the nearest future only press releases for the $800K Dollar(hk) worth order of MeBox - Nano media Player may not be able to support a higher trading range for ESYL. This time, the only news related to the company's development had been this for the two terrific deals.

Perhaps, a lot of investors are already eager to see how the sacral for the Easylink Solutions Corp. transactions will reflect the company's financial statements. Unfortunately, the most recent one is for the quarter ended March 31, 2011, when ESYL reported net revenues of $353 thousand and a net loss of $1.7 million since its inception.

The company has been incorporated on November 15, 2004 as Eagle Ridge Ventures, Inc. Four years later, it changed its name to Easylink Solutions Corp.

Over all these years, Easylink Solutions Corp. reports as a development-stage company. Maybe, this year will become the turning point for the company's development. However, it is not known whether the share price will remain that sensitive to orders until that time comes.

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