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By Boyan Angelov
Jul 10, 2014

Apple Rush Company, Inc. (APRU) Pushes Back Up After Latest Update

Apple Rush Company, Inc. (APRU) managed to generate interest in its stock yesterday upon issuing a press release to give input on its ongoing plans and ventures. The stock took a step up in price, going from $0.0003 to close at $0.0004. The highest volume in nearly three months was registered yesterday.

APRU has been a subsidiary of another OTC company called LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) since late May. Yesterday's news was the first announcement on the company's achieved development operations since a majority stake of APRU was acquired by LVVV.APRU_chart0907.png

In the press release, the company announced that it had released a new product on the market called CannaRush energy chews, which is rich in cannabidiol hemp oil. APRU gave a thorough description of its new product and listed a number of additional flavors that it plans on developing.

Both APRU's CEO Tony Torgerud and LVVV's CEO Bill Hodson made statements on the newly-developed product. Mr. Torgerud and Mr. Hodson talked about the expansion of the company's product offering, stating that there is an entire product line of CBD-rich oil products that is to be introduced to the market.

Yesterday's update was the first follow-up on the promised development APRU was to pursue. Upon being acquired by LVVV, the company issued a letter to its shareholders on June 3. The venture listed a number of goals it has put forth for itself in the future. The first aspect APRU talked about was the development of CBD oil products.

The company followed up on its first announced venture in about a month's time. It now remains to be seen how it will follow through with its other planned operations. In the letter, APRU also mentioned the re-launch of the Apple and Ginseng Rush, developing products such as bars, powders, juices and vape oil, as well as expanding its business on a global scale.

APRU put a lot of tasks for itself in the next 12 months. To carry out these ventures successfully, the company will need a strong financial backing. Investors may want to take a look into APRU's latest quarterly report for the period ended March 31, 2014 to get an idea of what the company has to work at this stage of its development:

  • Total assets: $316 thousand
  • Total current liabilities: $4,8 million
  • No revenues
  • Net loss: $97,5 thousand

The company has a certain amount of assets to exploit, but there is no information on how much cash on hand it possesses. It should be noted that APRU's liabilities significantly outweigh its assets. The company has ended the past quarter in a loss, while failing to make any revenues from its operations.

APRU has completed the first step of development in its current plans. The company still has a long way to go to complete its scheduled tasks. Investors, who find interest in ARPU's stock, should consider doing their due diligence on the company to make their own evaluation on its potential of carrying out its ventures successfully.

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Guest wrote: 11:14 am Jun 23, 2017
Tony is a thief and a liar I would not invest one penny in apru due to the fact of the CEO Tony torgerud this
company will mislead you make your own assumption look into it