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By Jovita Baltrusaityte
May 13, 2010

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. Makes A Phenomenal Price Move

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN.PK) made a phenomenal price jump on the market. After being down for 6 months, MOPN's stocks raised their price remarkably. Last week the company gained over 100%, after its stocks ran up from $0.09 to $0.19 for 1 day!

When analyzing the chart, we can see that MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.

had earlier market losses. But after being designated as a resource by both British Petroleum (BP) and the United States Coast Guard to assist for the clean up efforts in the Gulf, MOPN surged 321% to $0.16 and made a 52-week high of $0.20 with over 17.34 million shares.

Though the sudden price jump, yesterday the price change for MOPN's stocks was -24.14% at average traded volume over 1 million shares. The ballance sheet of MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. contains variable values and there is not enough sufficient information on the company.

Compared to MOPN, British Petroleum (BP) has pointed higher positions during the last months and is expected to strengthen the MOPN's stocks on the market. Still we don't know if that is a well-grounded claim or not, so we have to be aware of the future market moves. The investors are watching the situation closely as potential orders could translate to significant revenues, but they should be wary until the financials are posted.

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