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By Peter Hristov
Dec 13, 2010

International Development and Environmental Holdings (IDEH.OB) Expensive Campaign Escalates The Stock Price

IDEH chart.pngLAst Firday, the trading volume of International Development and Environmental Holdings (OTC:IDEH) surged up reaching 1.5 million shares. The same day the stock lost 1.45% of its value and finished at $0.068.

Starting from Friday, several promoters picked up IDEH as their "monster pick", initiating a massive campaign to boost the stock price. Two of the promoters admitted that they have been compensated $350 thousand and $300 thousand respectively for a one-week of their advertising services. In the light of the ongoing promotion, forum board became prevailed by rumors that a significant change in the stock price will come as a result the stock hype.

Indeed, half an hour after the start of today's session volume had already bulged up to 5 million shares and the stock price surged by more than 50%.

To support the campaign, IDEH announced today that it issued a letter of intent to acquire a truck rental company. However, letter of intents have no binding power so it is not very certain whether IDEH management means to enforce the deal or is just bolstering the ongoing promotion. The doubts get even more deeper as it turns out that Scott Leberman is the president of both companies.

In the mean time, another penny stock publisher has pointed out that IDEH has got mired in financial trouble and is currently trading much lower than a couple of months ago when the stock price reached $0.55 per share.

IDEH has a negative working capital of more than $350 thousand, which means that the company might have troubles with covering its short term debt. There is also an absolute lack of revenues and thanks to some non-operational source of income IDEH has manged to get a net income of $21 thousand.

On the whole, there is no solid factor that could instill confidence in IDEH investors. Therefore, right now the most adequate speculations about IDEH stock is how much will the paid promotion manage to inflate the share price and how painful it will be when the promotional balloon bursts. 

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