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By Jovita Baltrusaityte
Mar 10, 2010

Cascadia Investments, Inc. (CDIV.PK) – the blurring Internet content

Cascadia Investments, Inc. (CDIV.PK) – Profile

I was impressed by the information published from my colleagues about Cascadia Investments, Inc. and I decided to find out more details about the company, the business – products, markets, prospects for future growth, financial status.

Similar to the each investor thinking before buying shares my first step was to visit CDIV’s webpage in order to receive general information about the business and products it offers. As a response to my interest I have found only the short information that is a site designed to list all interactive properties owned and controlled by Cascadia Investments, Inc. . Following the link I found only information about the last events, related to the company. What the primary business is, history what the products are… there were no information. The info published about the main business of the company in Yahoo was that Cascadia Investments, Inc. operates as a real estate development company in the United States with a focus on acquiring and renovating under-valued properties for lease and resale, as well as purchasing undeveloped real estate for the purpose of residential development and sale. From the company’s press releases I found that CDIV is an internet development company operating in the Pacific Northwest. The company’s principal objective is to create equity and long-term earnings growth through the acquisition and development of cutting edge internet properties.

Here rises the question how it will be done if at present the company’s website do not gives even bite of information about what is it and where will go?

Cascadia Investments, Inc. (CDIV.PK) – Products and development

 The principal objective of the company, pushed me to continue my research following CDIV’s development. I decided to take a look at the intellectual property of the company before to make a preview of financial statements. Results were ridicules.  

The personalized greeting Websites:

The pictureCascadia_Investments Inc.(CDIV)- comparison with ringtones site.jpg below presents the comparison between the acquired and As you can see the CDIV’s webpage is rounding around the zero with no trends of increase.



Cascadia Investments Inc.(CDIV) users.jpg The website, as seen in the picture below could not be analyzed due to the simple fact that sites ranked with less than 100 000 page views per day are not ranked. The question is how and when the company will go in to the ranks?



Cascadia Investments Inc.(CDIV) Custom Flash Games_comparison.jpg

Custom Flash Games: At the beginning of this year CDIV.PK announced that it has acquired a majority stake in creates ready-to-launch Flash games for clients as well as multiple in-house projects. This was the reason to make a comparison between the  and The chart clearly shows the interest of the Internet users of both sites.

Again, the question rises, when and how Cascadia Investments, Inc. will have earnings from this Internet property?

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