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The Blessed Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) Stock Gallops Furiously

The blessed Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) stock furiously gallops. Only two trading sessions, one research report and a visionary reaction of FINRA made possible the increased with 129% value of POTG.Two events not just made more frequent the pulse of POTG this Monday. They almost provided for the share price move to an arrhythmia.The provider of equity reports Bedford Report released its research report on Portage Resources with an intention to keep investors “ahead of the crowd”,... more

$25M Loss of Portage Resources Inc (PINK:POTG) Inspired Share Turnover of 2.7M

Today, at the trading session opening there are not passionate bids and rush on Portage Resources Inc (PINK:POTG) stock.Yesterday, Portage finally announced its quarterly report for the period ended August 31, 2011. This happened one week after POTG filed dully a notification of inability to timely file its Form 10-Q.The aforementioned document has been expected by investors like a hot bread. It succeeded even to inspire some investors for POTG to close the trading session  with 3.75% price... more

Portage Resources Inc (PINK:POTG) Stock Held Its Breath

These days, nothing but news released about funds raising may support Portage Resources Inc (PINK:POTG) share price in its jump up. The company's statements in the announcement still have to be filed as a material change.Yesterday, POTG closed the trading session at $0.14 per share, drawing on its price chart a Doji.  POTG remained unchanged at the end of the day, although within the trading session more than 5.4 million shares changed hands. Investors decided to leave for the days to come the answer... more

Is Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) Stock Still Appreciated?

The shares of Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) opened the trading session today with the green 7.04% price increase. Though the positive change, it is hard to say whether investors will allow a new sharp upward move of POTG in the forthcoming days. Yesterday, POTG took a well-deserved rest after the continuing almost a week heavy buyers' pressure.  With the end of the impressive stock rally, the share price returned back with 45.18% between the trading sessions.The immense budget... more

Fat Money Shot Up Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) Stock

Yesterday, at the trading session opening Portage Resources Inc. (PINK:POTG) stock shot up 6.59%, continuing the promotional Ultimate Frisbee Contest. At the end of the day, the share price dived down 0.49% from the previous close, though the stock promotion for fat money and the flying like Frisbees millions of freebies stock alerts on POTG.To the delight of some, and unfortunately to the suffering of others, since the first day of the ongoing stock promotion the price of POTG plunged down 80.53%. As... more

Portage Resources Inc (PINK:POTG) Stock Bounced Up

Yesterday, Portage Resources Inc (PINK:POTG) stock bounced unexpectedly 15.12% on a vast trading volume exceeding almost twice the daily average for the company. On the horizon there was no news related to the company that could bear such a stock rush.Two days ago, Portage disclosed its annual report, which has been one of the main reasons for the company's stock sale off on Wednesday. In unison with the stated in the financial statements assumption that the company will continue as a going concern,... more

Portage Resources Inc (NDA) (PINK:POTG) Stock Surrenders

These days, the share price of Portage Resources Inc (NDA) (PINK:POTG) suffers as this time the stock promotion and alerts were not in place to give support.The only and “lonely” press release of the company from the end of the week succeeded to limit temporarily the speed of the shares' rolling down.On Friday, after the next in row plunge down, POTG was worth $0.191 per share. The trading activity was not as strong as it had been on Thursday when almost 12 million shares changed hands.... more

Dilution Shakes Portage Resources Inc(NDA) (PINK:POTG) Stock

Yesterday, dilution news like a humongous monster smashed investors' willingness to support the long time expected rally on Portage Resources Inc(NDA) (PINK:POTG) stock.Although the optimistic mood of the ongoing stock promotions and stock alerts, POTG struck down. Shares' price plunged additional 11% after the preceding 33% roll down on Wednesday.Even the auspicious at first sight recent disclosure about the unanimously approved by the company's BOD dividend was not able to push up POTG. Investors... more

Who Benefit From The Rocketing Portage Resources Inc(NDA) (PINK:POTG) Stock?

These days, Portage Resources Inc(NDA) (PINK:POTG) stock become one of hits on the pink sheets market. Just one month ago, company's shares were worth only $0.11, while the highest bid on POTG yesterday was at $1.14 per share.Even considering the price correction from the last trading session, for the above mentioned period POTG gained 646%.When such an enormous and rapid improvement of company's shares performance is happening a lot of investors are interested to discuss the topic: “Who benefit... more

Is Portage Resources Inc. (NDA) (PINK:POTG) Stock Overestimated?

While Peru stocks are declining, shares of Portage Resources Inc. (NDA) (PINK:POTG) exploded again, hinting the next new 52 week high. Although, as of yesterday, the company plans only to acquire a mining property in Peru its shares were once again appreciated highly by investors. At the end of the trading day, the market cap of POTG was higher than this of some mining industry small caps, operating in Peru. Maybe, these days, investors eventually will make some comparisons of POTG with similar... more