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Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ELTP) Climbs On High Volume

Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ELTP) went 20.05% up in price in yesterday's session on a volume of 7,092,524 shares trading hands. This was the best volume the company has had since March. ELTP got its success after issuing a press release yesterday morning, reporting the successful results of its pivotal bioequivalence study for abuse-deterrent oxycodone product ELI-201. The study was initiated in July of this year and was aimed to demonstrate the product's bioequivalence to the branded drug, based... more

LifeLogger Technologies, Corp. (LOGG) Continues Its Green Streak

LifeLogger Technologies, Corp. (LOGG) has been on a green streak in the past few days, gaining a total of 34% in price in six sessions, going from $0.50 to $0.67. The ticker's success has not been based on hype, as LOGG started its streak without any updates or press releases boosting the stock up. The latest update from LifeLogger Technologies came out on December 2 in a press release. The company announced engaging the services of The Equity Group, Inc., an investor relations counsel. LOGG CEO Mr. Stewart... more

Cannabis Kinetics, Corp. (CANK) Continues Climbing

The last few session have been rather successful for Cannabis Kinetics, Corp. (CANK). The ticker gained a 29.19% in price in a three-day green streak. The penny stock managed to pass the $1.00 mark, closing at $1.04 yesterday. Cannabis Kinetics' recent success came amid a number of ventures and some changes within the company. CANK disclosed it will change its name to Monarch America, Inc. to associate with the company's Monarch product brand. The venture also disclosed its plans of doing a 3-for-1... more

ChromaDex, Corp. (CDXC) Takes Up Quite The Workload

ChromaDex, Corp. (CDXC) has seemingly been very busy lately. The company made a number of announcements on its ongoing ventures over the time span of 24 hours. Yesterday, CDXC announced licensing exclusive worldwide patent rights from the University of Mississippi for microalgae immunostimulatory extract technology. The licenses were issued under U.S. patent numbers 7,205,284 and 7,846,452. Earlier today, ChromaDex issued an 8-K, disclosing that on November 26 it had received a notice of conversion,... more

American Green, Inc. (ERBB) Gets Good Evaluation From Oaksterdam University

Earlier this morning, American Green, Inc. (ERBB) issued a press release, announcing the company's Jurassic Oxygenation Watering System (JOS) has been tested by Oaksterdam University and given the prognosis of a 20-30% increase in net revenue. This is the second recent news around the company's initiatives that came out in the span of a week's time. On November 26, ERBB announced retaining the services of fellow OTC pink tier Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) for enhancing its marketing... more

The Pumps For Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS) Continue

Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS) has been the target of paid promotions throughout the last few months. Since September, THNS has been pumped by many promoters in a number of campaigns. The latest round of promotions came in on November 30, as THNS stock was pumped for a compensation of $20 thousand by promoters Damn Good Penny Picks, Penny Stock Newsletters, BeatPennyStocks, Prepump Stocks, and PennyStock Buzz. The promotion in question was successful at elevating THNS stock up the charts, as the ticker... more

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) Climbs On A Number Of Initiatives

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) issued a press release amid the trading session on last Wednesday, giving a couple of updates to investors. EAPH announced making a 25-40% discount on its products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The company also gave an update on a its venture into the fast growing vaporizer market which it entered a few months ago. As part of EAPH's initiative to establish itself in the sector, the company has been seeking an MMPR license from Health Canada. Easton Pharmaceuticals... more

Affymax, Inc. (AFFY) Spikes On Financial News

On the day before Thanksgiving, Affymax, Inc. (AFFY) issued a couple of press releases just prior to the closing bell, which would have an impact on the penny stock in Friday's session. AFFY ended the trading week with a spike up in price, gaining 113.35% to close at $0.195. The company registered nearly 1.4 million in volume on a trade value of $246.45 thousand. The first item of news posted by AFFY was an announcement of a cash distribution to the company's shareholders of $0.05 per share. It was determined... more

The Excitement Around Cellceutix, Corp. (CTIX) Quickly Fades Away

Cellceutix, Corp. (CTIX) issued a press release earlier this week, announcing the company has completed the ninth cohort in its phase 1 clinical trial of Kevetrin for advanced solid tumors. The trial is being conducted at Harvard University's Dana-Farber cancer institute and Beth Israel Deaconess medical center. CTIX made an optimistic prognoses for the upcoming month of December and disclosed the plans for the phase 2 clinical trial of Brilacidin-OM for oral mucositis, scheduled to commence in the second... more

The Pump For Ubiquitech Software, Corp. (UBQU) Pays Off

Ubiquitech Software, Corp. (UBQU) was the target of paid promotions earlier this week. On November 25, campaigns were carried out by stock promoters Penny Picks, Penny Stock Newsletters, Damn Good Penny Picks, Prepump Stocks, BeatPennyStocks, and PennyStock Buzz. The parties received a compensation of $14 thousand from an entity called ACN, LLC for the distribution of emails, promoting UBQU stock. The results from the pump campaign were evident on the next day, as UBQU registered a 52-week high with... more
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